NEW SERVICES DRUMS LESSONS $50/ hour! Drummer/Instructor Frankie Palermo is now accepting students of all ages and levels for Drum Set Instruction at: Fabsound records LLC studios: Learn all styles of drumming including Rock, Jazz, Funk, Blues, Latin, Pop and more. Learn solid fundamentals, various drumming techniques and music sight reading skills that will allow you to excel in any musical direction you want to go in!! Frankie Palermo has been performing and teaching Drum Set professionally for 40+ years. He has performed both locally and on the road in a wide variety of musical situations that include Jazz, Rock, Funk, Blues, Latin, Pop, Shows, and Studio Recording. He has taught Drum Set instruction to students of all ages and levels and believes a student should be taught strong fundamentals, proper technique and good musicianship. His musical education includes studying at The Chicago Drum School on Wabash Ave. and also at The Bobby Christian School of Music and Percussion under world famous percussionist Bobby Christian. He also has contributed to the educational world of drumming with articles published in the Jazz Drummer"s Workshop section of Modern Drummer Magazine on the Stick-Shot technique and on the style and analysis of the famous jazz drummer Shelly Manne. Please contact directly Frankie Palermo at +1 312-203-6728 or visit his website FrankiePalermo or you can email him
NEW RATES from 10 AM to 6 PM: $20/hour minimum 3 hours that Includes :
5 Piece drum kit Yamaha maple custom with Ziljian cymbals,
Bass amp-Behringer BVT 4500H
2 Guitar amps- Fender Stage 112 or Twin reverb Fender and Band Master with a 1X15 cabinet, PA system with 3 Shure SM58's,
Hammond M3+Leslie 147,
Piano-U1 Yamaha acoustic, tuned
Nord Electro 73 keyboard , Rhodes 73 keys 1960's and more.
If you like, you can pay in advance to secure your session with credit card by phone.
No refund on prepayments
The studio is private, no other bands around you, have peace to work on your music! Specializing in Blues, Rock, Jazz, and more.
A new air conditionning system keeps you cool, and there is a fridge to do the same for your drinks.
Free street parking!
We are open from 10 am to 10 pm 7 days a week.
Address: 2113 west Walton street Chicago 60622
Phone at 312 714 0401





Open from 10 AM till 10 PM 7 days a week for singer songwriter, Blues, and Jazz.

WE CAN RECORD YOUR REHEARSAL : rehearse with headphones or without, everything is mic'd and mixed live then get a cd at the end of the session, a great way to get a cheap demo !$50/hour.(minimum 3 hours).
A non-refundable deposit of %100 is required for the hours you would like to reserve.
We can also master it after for $50/hour.
Multitracks Live RECORDING of YOUR REHEARSAL $50/hour minimum 4 hours recording time then mix then Mastering Rate $50/hour Cheap way to have a demo!





Address: 2113 west Walton street
Chicago, IL 60622
For INFOS and BOOKING at 312 714 0401 or email